SendAway – Alias

A simple method to make using the SendAway feature easier by using aliases to disguise long file paths.

SendAway – Alias

What does it do?

When using SendAway the user is able to send the text from the YourOtherMind notebook to an external program (for exporting text into another format, for example). However the filepaths (the path to the location of the exporter and any control files) can sometimes be long. The alias can help to make this easier to use.

How To Use It

Simple write an alias of the following format from Tools|Options.

notepad|c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe;sendaway|C:\Users\Brent\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\SendTextAway\SendTextAway\bin\Debug\sendtextaway.exe

There are two parts to the alias. Each alias pair is separated from the others by the semi-colon (;). Within each pair, the alias (the text to enter into the Send/Export and Source fields on the details page of a note) is separated by a vertical line (|) from the path. So in the example above notepad is an alias for the path to the notepad executable.

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