Run YourOtherMind from a USB drive


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Run YourOtherMind from a USB drive or an alternative directory.

Run From USB Drive

What does it do?

By default YourOtherMind stores all of its information in “My Documents\keeper\”
Some users prefer to keep their YourOtherMind data on a USB drive and take it with them (using it on other computers). Others like specifying another location or a network drive.
Using the directory override, users can tell YourOtherMind to look for data other than in the default directory.

How To Use It

Simply create a batch file or a Windows short-cut. Two parameters are required. The first is a control word (‘override’) that specifies the user is overriding the default directory. The second parameter which needs to be surrounded by “quotes” specifies the new location to the Data directory.
The following example illustrates the one-line batch file required. We assume the batch file is in the same directory as keeper.exe

keeper.exe override “h:\data 2”

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