Review – LittleBigPlanet

I’ve been playing Little Big World (available for Playstation 3) for a couple weeks now.

Great game, highly recommend it.

The game brings many unique and modern elements to what is otherwise a fairly standard side-scrolling adventure game. The core gameplay is familiar to any player of the Mario games and the controls are easy to intuit.

The unique elements — costuming your ingame avatar, collecting stickers, using stickers to unlock hidden content, collect level elements to build your own levels — are going to give this game a very long life.

So many of the puzzle the player encounters are very natural, and while some are a little difficult especially for those of us who are losing our hand-eye coordination with old age, most are quite “logical”… the physics really make the game realistic and make it easier to figure out how to solve a puzzle through object manipulation. Objects behave like they would in the real world.

My son (3 years old) is able to navigate the simpler levels and likes using the stickers and customizing his character.

Brent Knowles