Read this week…

Finished reading Writers of the Future Volume XX this week. Stories that stood out for me more than others:

Kinship by Jason Stoddard. A very interesting story with a future-human investigating whether a tribe of creatures qualify as human. The main character is torn about how humans have already changed and how much more some of them are willing to change. The race they investigate is no less interesting, displaying a remarkable adaptation. A thinking story, but one with feeling characters. Very much enjoyed it.

In Memory by Eric James Stone. Really enjoyed this story, it did not go where I had expected it to… I first read it actually when I included it in a print anthology from AnthologyBuilder.

The Key by Blair MacGregor. An adventure story, well written with characters that really clicked for me. Worth a read.

Sleep Sweetly, June Carter by Brian C. Reed. A woman sleeps so that she does not age while her husband travels the stars… this is a long story but interesting as it explores the implications for those ‘left behind’.

The Plastic Soul of a Note by William T. Katz. A talented pianist who has a crippling disease gets a second chance in the body of a robot but finds himself to be too critical of the music he makes. I enjoyed this because I thought the evolution of the character well done and the ending was perfect.

I also finished The Lucifer Effect and am almost done the last issue of On Spec… will post reviews for both of these when I get the chance.