Pure Speculation

Attended Edmonton's gaming/writing convention for the first time this year. Was only able to make Saturday as I had another gaming event for Sunday… plus had to go into work for a bit.

There were lots of interesting things going on, and it was neat to walk around and see the magazine displays, fan clubs, and artwork. The highlight probably was getting to listen to Robert Sawyer talk about his life, his career, and his thoughts on society. He is a very engaging speaker and I encourage anyone who has the chance to see him present in person to do so. And to also go buy and devour his books, of course. Thomas Wharton, a local Edmonton writer, delivered an interesting reading as well… I would have picked up a copy of his latest novel but I seldom carry cash on me anymore. Yes, I should know better.

I unfortunately missed Monte Cook's presentation — it happened at the same time as the Sawyer one — but BioWare had brought him in the day before to give a seminar to the designers and I did get to attend that.

Also, some of the online interviews I gave for international press (for Dragon Age) are starting to appear. VideoGamer.com being the only English one I've noticed so far. I'll be posting links to all of them that I find on my links page.