Ogame Rant

I’ve been playing a text-based online game for several months now called oGame. I enjoyed its minimalistic interface — it was very easy to go in and do a few quick things and then get out, onto other things. A fun, background activity.

I’ve even shelled money out for it, to receve some perks (it is free play, you pay money for extras).

And today I logged in and it was a different game. For some time the operators, GameForge, have been advertising a new skin for oGame but I always thought that was going to be optional. But I guess they decided to force it onto everyone.

It is slow, and more badly designed than the previous interface. It takes two or three times the time to perform operations as the previous interface and worse, it is difficult to see the entire ‘everything’ at a glance — that was one of the big advantages of the previous interface, you didn’t have to go into subscreens to determine what you wanted to do next.

Very annoyed! I paid fmoney to play the original game not this sloppy interface, can I have my money back please?

Does anyone know how to turn it off? Otherwise, I think I’m done with the game.