Graphing Add-on

This utility lets you analyze your submissions in a graphical manner. Just press the Graph button after loading it.

It uses the Nplot graphing library.


Download both [download#3#nohits] and the appropriate add-on based on the version of YourOtherMind you have running.  Go to Help|About in YourOtherMind to determine your version.

Once downloaded copy both files to your install (see below for more install details).

If you are running version 8.0 download this file [download#4#nohits]

For version 8.1 and beyond download this version [download#9#nohits]

Add-On Graph

Convert Add-on

Simple little weight/measures converter.

  • Download [download#5] and copy to your install
  • View a video showing the converter

    How to Install an Add-on

    q Close YourOtherMind

    q Download each Add-On package

    q Copy the files to the install of YourOtherMind (where the YourOtherMind.exe) is stored (My Documents\YourOtherMind\Data\Exe\Current)

    q Restart YourOtherMind

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