Graphing Add-on

This utility lets you analyze your submissions in a graphical manner. Just press the Graph button after loading it.

It uses the Nplot graphing library.


Download both nplot and the appropriate add-on based on the version of YourOtherMind you have running.  Go to Help|About in YourOtherMind to determine your version.

Once downloaded copy both files to your install (see below for more install details).

If you are running version 8.0 download this file Submission Reports dll

For version 8.1 and beyond download this version Submission Reports dll

Add-On Graph

Convert Add-on

Simple little weight/measures converter.

  • Download Converter Add-on (388) and copy to your install
  • View a video showing the converter

    How to Install an Add-on

    q Close YourOtherMind

    q Download each Add-On package

    q Copy the files to the install of YourOtherMind (where the YourOtherMind.exe) is stored (My Documents\YourOtherMind\Data\Exe\Current)

    q Restart YourOtherMind

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