What does it do?

This is the first screen the user sees when they start YourOtherMind. It contains a summary of vital information, grouped into collapsible sections.

  • Activities Quick links to common activities such as writing a story, adding a market, or brainstorming
  • Journal A scrolling calendar where word count and other notes can be entered for specific days. (See the Word Count Feature for more details). This section also summarizes what the user has done that day (notes added, et cetera) and has links to various reports (writing progress over time, hours spent, and such)
  • Incentives These are merit badges earned for accomplishing certain tasks (such as adding a hundred notes, et cetera)
  • Fun Stuff Links to random pages, recent pages, in addition to report boxes showing which stories are current at market, which are ready to be sent, as well as some statistics (total notes in YourOtherMind, finished stories, started stories and more)
  • Messages Update notices are sent through this system.

    Reason for this Feature

    Most of the information on the dashboard is available elsewhere but having it summarized in one place exposes it to more users.

    How To Use It

    Each subfeature will end up having its own page of documentation.

  • Activities Just press the individual buttons to access the functionality. Clicking File Depot opens the folder where Screenshots are put.
  • Journal Word count and time spent can be entered on a day by day basis, as can the notes field. This section also holds the Bookmark panel, that lets the user interact with YourOtherMind’s bookmarks (a great way of maintaining a to-do list)
  • Incentives Non-interactive. Mouse-over an incentive to read its description.
  • Fun Stuff Clicking any hyperlink brings the user to the page. Pressing the refresh buttons cycle the Submission Report through Submissions to Ready to Send to Stories Being Rewritten to Stories Sold. Pressing the Submission Report button displays a timeline of submission history. Cycling the Page Stats button toggles between Status, Page Stats, and Pages by Keyword.
  • Messages Messages can be rated. This will influence the kinds of messages yourothermind.com sends to the user in the future.

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    To learn more about YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer, visit the main discussion page.