But the cat does it…

I promised myself I wouldn’t pollute this blog with boring details about my kids, but well, I’m kinda breaking that promise. They just do too many damn cute things. I promise (and this one I won’t break) that I will use the “My Life” category to sort them. So if you want to just ignore that one, go ahead. You won’t hurt my feelings.

To protect said kids from future ridicule I’ll assign each an alias. The older one (about 3 right now) will be known as Bug — for obvious reasons. And its not because the kid is “as cute as a bug”.

The other one (not quite a year) is the Hulk. Or at least he thinks he is.

I was going to call them #1 and #2 but my wife didn’t like that. And then she explained why she didn’t. I probably didn’t need the explanation.

So, this blurb is about Bug. It is short, I promise.

Bug is in the dining room, after lunch or dinner or something. He starts licking his shirt.

Wife: What are you doing?
Bug: Cleaning myself.
Wife: Why?
Bug: I’m dirty.
Wife: Use a napkin.
Bug: The cat does this. (resumes licking self)