What does it do?

Bookmarks allow the user to insert markers in a long body of text so they can easily jump around. They might create an introduction section, a rising action section, and so on, for a large body of text, such as a novel.

They are also great for adding to-do reminders, because they are summarized on YourOtherMind’s dashboard.

Reason for this Feature

Essential for navigating large chunks of text. They aid the writer in allowing easy markup of important tidbits for later search and use.

How To Use It

The simplest bookmark is a one that is added to the current document and the user intends to reference locally. They highlight some text, right-click, and select “Insert Quick Bookmark”.

To view their bookmarks they press the Bookmark button on the toolbar. There is a dropdown here that allows the user to filter bookmarks to show only those on the current page (default), All pages, or those flagged as Immediate (the user can also create their own categories through the Options menu.)


The user can also access the bookmark panel from the dashboard.

Adding bookmarks

Applies To

Main Notebook, Dashboard



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