Bookmarks for Free

Sometimes its cool to sit down and start to add a new feature only to realize its already available! I’ve been finding this more often with YourOtherMind 2013 than past versions… sometimes it only takes a little bit of code to introduce a new features, or none at all.

I was drafting out some ideas for a cool, global, bookmarking system, when I realized that YourOtherMind already had sufficient functionality to give this for free. In past versions the bookmarking was a (large) separate feature. In YourOtherMind, the same functionality is available just by taking advantage of full-text search and the search history.

Basically, to bookmark a layout, a recognizable piece of text, such as [[todo]], just needs to be inserted at the applicable location. Then, to find this layout later, the user just needs to do a full-text search for that text. Because the search history records past searches, if they want to find these ‘bookmarks’ later, they just need to select the stored search from the list.

NOTE: There is a slight bug with this right now in that if you type in [[todo]] and do a Search All Text Fields by pressing the Refresh Button (instead of enter), that [[todo]] is not added to the search history. This will be corrected poast 1.4.8.

Likewise, another ‘cheap feature’, I stumbled across, was adding a panel to the System Layout and adding “links” to notes I refer back to often. Because I have “Show Tabs” set to true for that subpanel, all these links appear as tabs. I just have to select the appropriate table and press the go to link button.