After the Zombie’s attack

So, if a zombie attack ever renders me zombie-food,¬†thus stopping any future work on YourOtherMind, the good news is that any data you have put into YourOtherMind is easily ported elsewhere. That means that say, fifty years from now and there’s a new operating system that YourOtherMind can’t run on, you can still keep all your YourOtherMind ideas and move them into that shiny new holographic system.

There are two methods in which your data can be extracted

1. Find a programmer friend who can write a little program to open XML files and copy their contents elsewhere

2. Manually copy out your data.

I’ll describe step #2 in more detail as your programmer friend in #1 should easily be able to figure things out:

  1. Go to the directory where you are ideas are stored. This is generally My Documents/YourOtherMind/Data/Pages/DeviceA
  2. This folder contains a pile of .XML files. One for each note/idea page that you have
  3. Open the first file in Notepad
  4. To extract the ‘text’ details, scroll down and find the section starting with <RichText>
  5. Copy everything after the closing bracket on <RichText> until you read the starting bracket for </RichText>
  6. Create a new text file
  7. Paste the text you copied into that
  8. Save the file with a Rich Text extension (.rtf)
  9. The file is now able to be opened in Word or Wordpad (or equivalent Rich Text editor)

There, now your data is zombie proof.