Adding a Link to the Dashboard

So I was going to spend the evening adding a new feature to YourOtherMind — the ability to place links on the Dashboard (i.e., I wanted to keep a couple projects I was working on front-and-center).

So, I was about to write the code when I realized the feature already existed! (This head cold is doing nothing for my intellect, let me tell you).

Basically by using Bookmarks a writer can easily add links on the YourOtherMind Dashboard.

The steps are simple.

  • First, go to the page you want to link to. Once there open the Bookmarks panel.
  • From the Bookmarks panel select the add bookmark icon.
  • Type in a descriptive name for the bookmark and assign it to a category
  • Now go to the Dashboard. The bookmarks box on the far right of the Journal panel will now list the bookmark you just added. Simply double click and you will be moved back to that page.