8.1 (Released)


As of February 10th 2009  version has been released for YourOtherMind. This is a stable, release build. Thanks to all who helped with the beta test.

This post will keep you up to date on what we are adding to the next release for YourOtherMind. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

BETA TESTERS. Send testing feedback to support@yourothermind.com (and/or as comments on this page). Please download version 8.1 from the download page.

New Features for version 8.1 of YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer

  1. Adds Links within StickIt pages
  2. Better drag/drop handling (drag and copy directly from Internet Browser, et cetera)
  3. Post to blog from Print Screen
  4. Daily word/hour tracking for your projects with reports… renaming the Today page to Dashboard and adding interesting statistics
  5. With a click of a button see a lifetime submission report (# of submissions each year, et cetera)
  6. Proper Rich Text printing! Now print your pages out properly
  7. Printing support for StickIt pages, allowing users to print out storyboards and photo layouts.
  8. Added bookmark access to the dashboard, “to-do lists” become  a lot easier to manage now
  9. Several fun widgets on the dashboard
  10. Export/Import csv (comma-seperated) files for the Table Page
  11. Pressing the “Shift” key while dragging images on a StickIt page will allow them to be dragged into a PicturePanel.
  12. Clicking on the market label will bring you to that market’s webpage now.
  13. Save as Rich Text! (Save your YourOtherMind files as rich text files, for use with digital market submissions or advanced printing).



Screenshot of new DASHBOARD:


Post describing improvements we are considering for the submission tracking form


Features new for 8.1
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