Link System


YourOtherMind Link System

What does it do?

YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer features a link system allowing users to link:

  • pages to each other
  • external files (such as Word documents)
  • web documents
  • to other pages as a popup (sometimes a user won’t want to jump to another page when clicking a link, using this feature pops the linked page up as a little text box)

    Link Table
    The link system also supports the concept of ‘robust links’. If a file is moved YourOtherMind detects this and the next time the user clicks a link it will try and help them find the moved file. Additionally proactive users can access the LinkTable from the Tools|Options screen.


    Reciprocal Links
    Everytime a user links to a page, the page that is linked to also notes “who has linked to it”. This allows a user to view the connections between pages (i.e., what others pages are linked to my Dead Zombie Pony page?)

    Advanced Linking
    If more customization of links are required, the Advanced Linking panel can be invoked.


    Reason for this Feature

    An idea knowledgebase like YourOtherMind would be useless without linking.

    How To Use It

    Right-click on any note to get the “add link” menu. There are also other ways to link (adding notes to Storyboards on StickIt pages, et cetera).

    Applies To

    Note pages, StickItPages, Options

    To learn more about YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer, visit the main discussion page.